Is Disability Fashion’s Forgotten Diversity Frontier?

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[Image: a screen cap of the headline “Is disability fashion’s forgotten diversity frontier?”. The subheading reads “When it comes to diversity, there’s one area that often goes unmentioned – but who’s making a difference and where is there still work to be done?” taken from the Dazed website]

I was interviewed on Dazed’s website about disabled models, the importance of visibility, and why we need to go beyond tokenism when it comes to representation. You can read it here.

Fashion-able? The appropriation of physical disability in fashion magazines


One aspect I am focusing on in my PhD thesis is the use of disability imagery in the fashion world. I use the term “disability imagery” rather than “disabled models” because, as the examples I will discuss in this post show, the representation of disability in fashion magazines tends to fall in to two categories: the inclusion of disabled people as models, or the appropriation of disability. (more…)