I am a doctoral researcher at the London College of Fashion, where I am the recipient of the University of the Arts London three-year research studentship. My research examines the relationship between disability, clothing, fashion and identity for women with mobility impairments. My project also explores representations of disability in the fashion industry and fashion media. My hope is to engage with women with a variety of mobility impairments on subjects such as self-presentation, identity, and practicality in relation to clothing choice.

My primary research interests are disability and representation (in media, fashion, art, film, television and music), and identity and clothing/self-presentation.

I have previously written about media representations of disabled male athletes, Game of Thrones actor Peter Dinklage, disabled mothers and disability and sexuality. 

I’m also contributing editor of Doll Hospital, an art and literature print journal with a focus on mental health, and co-director of Sad Girl Cinema, a forthcoming documentary film project exploring representations of mental illness in film and television.

If you would like to get in contact you can email me at disabilityfashionproject@gmail.com 

You can follow me on twitter here @cat_sierra

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