Month: July 2014

Friday Round-Up

What I’ve been reading in the last week (or so):

Rival Reflection: Expanding the Male Ideal (Herringbone)

Dr Ben Barry and Daniel Drak of Ryerson University explore men’s body image and the need for more diversity in the types of male bodies we see in fashion. (p.40)

A Girl Trying To End Disability Stigma With Her Purple Cane, And Our Help (Bust) 

Liz Jackson (AKA The Girl With The Purple Cane) wants clothing store J.Crew to start selling assistive devices to combat the stigma associated with them.

Heil Hipster: The Young Neo-Nazis Trying to Put a Stylish Face on Hate (Rolling Stone)

In-depth article exploring how neo-nazis are co-opting hipster culture in an attempt to appeal to young people.

How One Deaf Man and Two Pals With Cerebral Palsy Got Down at Bonnaroo (Vice) 

Thinking of going to a festival? Here’s the experiences of three disabled people (spoiler: the accessible toilets are still terrible)